Advice for anyone trying to use SkunkTrader

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Advice for anyone trying to use SkunkTrader

Post#1 » November 27th, 2018, 3:02 am

So I made a post trying to get help on using SkunkWorks (SkunkTrader).

After days of trying to figure it out, and nearly pulling my hair out, I realized that you CAN'T Run Thwarglauncher as an Admin, or Skunkworks will not load.

Long story short, Follow the instructions that ImmortalBob posted on the File Uploads section of Discord, and make sure you run thwarglauncher as a regular user, and you have no issues.

Just wanted to post this to save someone some trouble in the future.

Thanks all!

P.S Get your arrowheads in SE room of Marketplace :D
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Re: Advice for anyone trying to use SkunkTrader

Post#2 » December 3rd, 2018, 4:35 pm

I figured that part out as well... and I can get it to run on one character at a time... but not more. Any experience with that issue? I actually posted on Skunkworks website forums as well:

I've found that the .dat files are being locked by SWConsole and a second SWConsole is unable to access them because they are in use. This happens if I try to open the consoles myself outside the game, or launch more than one client (with decal enabled). Another difficulty is that a skapi.log file is never created for the second client (while Caps lock is on), this file is also locked. I tested this by attempting to rename the .dat files as well as the .txt file with SWConsole open. When running SWConsole as administrator, I get an error stating MSCOMCTL.OCX is not registered correctly... missing or invalid. I am on windows 10, have tried installing AC, decal and SW to default locations as well as installing them in c:\users\%username% to avoid any permissions issues, even adding ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES to security with full access. I've disabled windows compression/archiving.

At my wits end trying to get this working, any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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