Castaway Files and instructions

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Castaway Files and instructions

Post#1 » July 29th, 2018, 7:02 pm

Only posting this information, I did not write any of this.

I have gotten reports that this is not working correctly so I have added a new attachment
Complete package
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then skip step one

Step one: Go to, scroll to the very bottom and download Castaway.msi and Castaway.dll

Step Two: install Castaway Bot

Step Three: Castaway Bot is a dll, so just replace the dll with the new one.

You may also need: msxml4 (from microsoft)

For the following steps, Botspeech and Botspells are located in the drive you installed it on\ Documents \ Castaway \ Settings \ (server name) \ (character name) \ Drop them in here i.e. \C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Castaway\Settings\ReefCull\Wenddawn

These files are attached below.

Step Four: botspeech.xml - edit this for your own bot

Step Five: botspells.xml for this edited version of botspells that has removed weapon and armor buffs, and fixed problem with FW LW and MW, as well as stam regen on trades spell array. [This is for the Emulator]

Additional help: Spell Dump, some of the spells have to use the number rather than the name.
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