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Nav: Bobo

Post#1 » April 17th, 2019, 2:04 pm

This nav comes in two parts. The first part assumes you have alphus lassal recall and have already flagged for entry by talking to kleeoh. If you do not you will need to navigate to alphus lassal via town network and bypass the alphus lassal recall portion of the nav on your first trip. The first nav ends as you enter the behind the waterfall portal. Once you are there you can load up the second nav that will take you through the dungeon. This nav stops in the bobo antechamber as once he dies and his portal is triggered if you miss it there is no way to get back other than to run all the way back and all the way through the dungeon again.

Once you are in the antechamber, you have just to enter bobo's chamber proper kill him and go in the portal and talk to mowen, then claim your reward in the wishes portal nearby.

It is recommended to have combat turned off or default set to -1 while navigating.
Run bobo-outside.nav first and bobo-inside.nav when you are inside the dungeon.
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