WIP: First Meta (Motes to Bars)

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WIP: First Meta (Motes to Bars)

Post#1 » November 14th, 2014, 3:34 pm

Hello all,

I just wanted to post up my first ever meta. It is a very simple one that I made to take that first step into the world of meta making. In a sense, this meta was my version of what a "Hello World" program is for programmers.

What it does:
-Checks inventory for a specified amount of motes
-When that condition is met, it checks if there are any monsters around
-If the coast is clear, it combines motes to make slivers, combines slivers to make, nuggets, and combines nuggets to make bars

The logic of it is very crude and could be very easily optimized with separate checks for enough slivers or nuggets to make those first or skip them completely if not enough. I did not take the time to further improve this meta because it is after just motes.

Problems I ran into:
-Understanding how to make it combine motes
This was a simple command from magtools (/mt use mote on mote). At first I had thought you had to uniquely identify two motes for combining, however it was thankfully much simpler.
-Adding appropriate delays
The next problem I ran into was lack of appropriate delays. Before adding appropriate delays, the symptoms were continuously flying through the states without having time to stop moving and get out of combat mode let alone combine motes. I had a route set up to find and kill golems and check those corpses for motes using vtank. Because this involved movement, hunting, looting, it was necessary to add delays. Commands were given to take the character out of hunting mode (ie Nav,Looting,Combat, and Buffing set to false using /vt opt set commands). I put in delays for the character to come to a stop and have time to go into peace mode. Added delays for the time it took to combine the pyreal pieces, and delays to return the macro back into hunting mode.

There were other problems I ran into such as not knowing how all the conditions worked such as Never, All, Any as the explanation provided was very thin. How chat commands were executed and etc.

Hopefully this crude first meta of mine can help those getting started in metas or offer some suggestions for those trying to make a meta to craft things.

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Kellyanne Conway
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Re: WIP: First Meta (Motes to Bars)

Post#2 » November 9th, 2018, 2:22 pm

Hey Bob,

Thanks for sharing. Interesting read for someone who knows lil about programming.
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Re: WIP: First Meta (Motes to Bars)

Post#3 » November 9th, 2018, 4:25 pm

Kellyanne Conway wrote:Hey Bob,

Thanks for sharing. Interesting read for someone who knows lil about programming.

uh...thats not me...

also, necrobump...
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