BETA: Universal Remote - Do It All

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BETA: Universal Remote - Do It All

Post#1 » January 25th, 2021, 2:13 pm

 ! Message from: MarkiB
Requirements: VTank, Mag-Tools, Mag-Filter, Utility Belt 0.2.2 or later.

The meta will look for the accompanying loot profile by default, but you can use a different loot profile by going to Settings --> Meta --> Set Quest Loot Profile. If the loot profile does not have the necessary items, the meta may fail to loot key items.

Introducing the Universal Remote, a tool designed to help you play Asheron's Call the way you want to play it. The goal is to help you access the advanced tools of VTank metas without having to know how to write a meta.

  • Quests: Includes Stipends, four matrons, five eaters, Lost Pet, Mage Academy, Temples of Forgetfulness and Enlightenment, and Sir Bellas Flag/Dungeon so you can get your character to the content you want quickly.
  • Cycling: Need all of your characters to get Stipends? The meta can swap through your characters automatically for *all quests* and some Nav routes as well.
  • *Master Cycle: With just a few simple commands, you can have your account cycle through your characters for multiple quests in a row! This function can be used with any quest or route that can be cycled.
  • Quest Progress Saving: If you get disconnected (or want a break), in most cases, the meta will know where you left off. Type "!ContinueQuest" when you log back in. If you're running a Master Cycle, it will resume automatically.
  • Turn-Ins: For certain NPCs such as the Olthoi Hunter or Clemenza, you can issue a single command and the meta will hand in all of your trophies for you. There's also a similar command for generic Collectors as well.
  • Hunting: Set up a hunting route, a recomp and buff bot schedule, and a return route (in case you die) with just a few commands. While enabled, the meta will also autopack and autosalvage periodically to keep your inventory tidy. All of this is saved per character, so next time, you can start the routine again with a single click.
  • Navigate: All TN and Desert March Destinations, AB, WJ, Candeth Keep. Set custom paths to the TN per character so one uses AL recall while another uses /ah to reach the TN. Set up to 20 navs for quick use, all of which can be cycled. Use the GatewayCycle command to quickly and automatically get **all your characters through a gateway for a quest.
  • Multi-Character commands: Swap the "!" mark to a "#" and all characters within range (that has the speaker on their whitelist) will execute the command. If you use the UI to issue commands, the commands can be issued to all of your characters no matter where they are as a Thought so as to not pollute chat channels.
  • Secure: Your whitelist is stored per server and is auto-populated as your characters log in. You can add names to a Blacklist to cancel them or manually add names to the whitelist so friends can issue commands to your characters.
  • Maintenance: Set recomp routes, a rally route, buff bot names, routes, and profiles with just a few commands or use Buff Cycle to have your characters buff themselves up, and add them to your Master Cycle so they're always ready.
  • Quick Suits: Set or equip up to five sets of equipment with just a click -- no need to know commands or come up with names.
  • Baning: Catches the VTank Impen loop bug, cancels buffing, and manually finishes buffing for you.

This meta has already been tested and is pretty stable, but you never know what will happen when a bunch of people get their hands on it. With that said, I'm not responsible for anything that goes wrong with the use of this meta. It may seem to make decisions, but it's just a tool. I recommend watching the meta at least a few times, especially when running quests, to make sure that you're comfortable with what the meta is doing and to be there if and (inevitably) when something goes wrong.

I hope you find the meta useful and it helps you get back to engaging with your favorite parts of AC! <3

*Use of some functions, including the Master Cycle, will be unavailable if you have not used the "Register" function for that account. All this does is teach the meta which characters belong to which account (stored locally) so as to make certain functions smoother.
**Accounts must be registered. Must use top-level summon spell. Does not account for lag, disconnects, or servers with more than 11 characters per account.
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Re: BETA: Universal Remote - Do It All

Post#2 » February 2nd, 2021, 11:40 am

Known Bugs for 0.99:

- When running Mage Academy as a regular quest (not as part of a cycle), after reaching the Apprentice, the meta will give the command "!MA2" which is designed to start the second phase of the quest, but it's failing to start automatically. You should be able to get it going by giving the command "!StartQuest".
- The turn-in route for Crystal Minds assumes you're allegiance hometown is Glenden Woods -- this is actually a simple mistake on my part as the version I uploaded is off of a personal branch of the meta. For now, you can fix it yourself if you like by going to the end of the Crystal Minds section of the meta and scrolling up to the rule that starts with "Landcell == 8A020212". Open that, rule, and on the right, change "setvar[QuestStep,21]" to "setvar[QuestStep,20]", delete the Embedded Nav line, and replace it with a Chat Command that just says, "!GW", and you'll be all set.
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Re: BETA: Universal Remote - Do It All

Post#3 » February 17th, 2021, 9:34 am

Does this meta work on both EMUs or is it EMU specific. Thank you
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Re: BETA: Universal Remote - Do It All

Post#4 » February 23rd, 2021, 10:56 am

Darkthought wrote:Does this meta work on both EMUs or is it EMU specific. Thank you

I had someone who tested it both on Drunkenfell and on Harvestbud. There were a few initial bumps around functional differences (such as how there's a delay when using the Fac Hub gem on DF, or certain bugs), but those were worked on, and last I heard it was running about as smooth on DF as on HB!

If folks come across notable issues, I'd love to hear them and try to work them out.
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