WIP: Rare Exchanger

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WIP: Rare Exchanger

Post#1 » September 9th, 2020, 12:34 am

How it works: the Top State called ***Rares for Trade**** in that are all the options change it from always to never if you want to save that rare. if you want to get rid of a rare make sure it says always it trades all T1-T2 rares besides Potions i might add those later. You don't need to touch anything else.

Although @Immortalbobs Rare Exchanger meta is amazing I was messing around with a new meta maker and decided to make one myself. Currently it works you have to be close to the rare exchanger and have UB expression engine turned on. I also want to be able to get rid of the Seconds in state 100% I don't think i need to have them I'm still playing with it. Also might do some QoL groupings in the options so people can say yes or no to say all Banes or Prots. Any feedback is welcome. I'm playing with the idea of navigating to the rare exchanger bot sure ATM. I'm also planning on making the Rare Exchanger NPC a variable and turning on UB expression engine in the meta a few plans but it works. tested on 100 or so rares.
Rare Exchanger 2.0.met
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