BETA: "IBControl" - The Road to 2.0 (Updated Ver. 1.9.9)

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Re: BETA: "IBControl" - The Road to 2.0 (Updated Ver. 1.9.9)

Post#71 » January 31st, 2019, 10:03 am

added a new download for 1.9.9b

-miniremote will go to /f
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Re: BETA: "IBControl" - The Road to 2.0 (Updated Ver. 1.9.9)

Post#72 » May 1st, 2019, 11:30 am

Having some issues trying to create my army of 9 in fellow, the only thing i'm not sure of really that I had setup is the profilenames in the edit here. I believe i changed all the change me for charone through charnine. This is on coldeve ace server, I see people with theirs working so I've tried to ask for help but no one really does.
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