GM: DmControlV1.02

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GM: DmControlV1.02

Post#1 » December 6th, 2016, 2:23 pm

Designed this as a quest assist tool, includes routes for 14 different legendary quests and aerbax. along with routes for getting killtasks at neftet/hosh/22/rynthid and routes to hoshino tent along with the all the basics for a control meta. been testing this for past couple weeks and haven't run into anything too major. this is by no means a finished product so check back now and then for updates :) and as always please let me know if ya run into any issues or have any feedback.

Chaos Helper
Aphus Recall for all TN routes

Place DmControl.met into VirindiTank Folder
place LegendaryChests.met into VirindiTank Folder
place Deewain.met into VirindiTank Folder(Note this meta requires other files in order to run properly those can be provided to you at ... Repository)
place DmControl_config.txt into Chaos Helper folder
place DmControl.layout into Chaos Helper folder

Current Version
(218.96 KiB) Downloaded 115 times


-added killtask tracking function, this will track each killtask complete message for all mobs in Hoshino, Rynthid, TouTou, Frozen Valley and when !check killtask command is sent(its on main tab of Chaos Helper) it will output status of killtasks in current area, 1 means complete for that task 0 means incomplete.
[Fellowship] You say, "Hoshino Killtask Status, Bushi 1, Mages 0, Minions 0, Samurais 1, Golem 1, Ninja 0, Nanjous 0, Archers 1"
-updated CH files
-added feature that causes you to automatically follow your previously followed target whenever you have no route loaded if within 5m of the character, mostly for after casting a recall or going through portal.

Previous Versions
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Re: Beta: DmControlV1.1

Post#2 » December 6th, 2016, 2:24 pm

Setup Instructions

Step 1

open DmControl.met in notepad

Step 2 Secure all chat commands

use replace all function to replace


with your character names in the following format,

CharacterOne|CharacterTwo|CharacterThree|CharacterFour|CharacterFive|CharacterSix and so on
for example for my six characters I would replace



Dmdtt|Athalaus|Dm's Shade|Dweia|Dm Gatherer|Bdf

Step 3 Add in character name variables

add in character names for variable rules

use Replace All for each character individually

for example on your first character Replace the following


with that characters name

for myself I would replace

CharacterOne with Dmdtt

CharacterTwo with Athalaus

and so on.

Step 4

Save the meta, after that load it in game and continue on to Step 5-6

Step 5 Add follow routes

in the Follow state there are 9 rules for setting up follow characters, after you have replaced individual character names in step four add the proper follow routes to each of these rules for example in my meta

Follow getcharstringprop[1]==Dmdtt Embedded Nav 1pt

the embedded nav being a route to follow the character named Dmdtt

after you have added all of your characters remove extra getcharstringprop[1] rules

Step 6 Remove extra rules

remove extra Character rules from recruitment

in Default2 state first rule there is a !recruit command, on the action side there is 9 recruitment commands 1 for each character in your army, if you have an army less than 9 characters however there will be a few extra /mt fellow recruit CharacterEight or CharacterNine in there, remove the extra ones.

Step 7 Deewain setup

the Deewain meta provided is just an updated .met for the Deewain meta on the repository, if you wish to use it you will still require the character profiles provided in the .zip, along with the instructions.
Note- this meta requires Aphus Recall
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Re: Beta: DmControlV1.01

Post#3 » December 10th, 2016, 2:33 pm

Commands List

Non Chaos Helper Commands

!echo (captured message), useful for sending /ah /hom or any other commands not in the meta
example !echo /hom will send all chars to mansion

!face 0-360 accepts any value 0 to 360 degrees will not trigger for values over 360

!check ItemName checks to see if given item exists in the characters inventory, if true it yield /f 1 if false the macro will /f 0

Item Turn In Command
2 formats for this command
!turn in ItemName to npc
example !turn in Shard of the Curator to npc
this will hand item named Shard of the Curator to nearest npc

!turn in ItemName to NpcName
example !turn in Shard of the Curator to Morgethais
will hand in Shard of the Curator to Morgethais

Jumping Commands
syntax for using jump commands are a bit tricky to learn but will let you make precise jumps at w/e angle you desire,

syntax for jumps is as follows(all jump powers are *11 in the output so 100 is 1100 or 100%), if you issue a power for jumps >=101 the meta will switch from % based jumping to ms based jumping.

Shift jumps

!sjs100 would be shift jump south 100%

Custom angle shift jump(will also accept n|e|w|s)

!sj(heading) (power)
!sj50 75 would be shift jump towards 50degrees with power of 75%
!sjn 75 would be shift jump north 75% power

Power Jumps can use either degrees for heading or nesw

!njump60 would be jump north with power of 60%
!60jump75 would jump 60degrees with power of 75%

cz shift jumps

!csjw90 strafe right jump facing west with power of 90%

custom angle cz shift jumps

!(c|z)sj(heading|n|e|s|w) (power)
!csj80 100 strafe right jump facing 80 degrees 100% power
!zsje 100 straight left jump facing 90 degrees 100% power

cz power jumps

!cwjump40 strafe right jump facing west power 40%
!z40jump75 strafe left jump facing 40 degrees power 75%

Chaos Helper Commands

!nav true/false
!combat true/false
!buff true/false
!dispel true/false (enables/disables use of dispels)
!buff enables buff/enables fastcast buffs/forcebuffs
!cancelbuff cancels forcebuff
!clear clears nav route
!loot false disables looting
!loot true enables looting disables lootonlyrares
!killtask sets to killtask state and gets killtask from area you are in(currently does not have GY)
!opendoors true/false
!corners true/false
!summon true/false
!clearvar clears all meta variables
!hatch used for hoshino must die, uses nearest Mysterious Hatch
!peace true/false
!dojiggle true/false
!relay relays all /t chat from other chars to whoever issues this command
!load deewain loads deewain meta, will return to this control meta after completion
!legendchests loads LegendaryChests meta will return to this meta after completion

!attack # (sets monster range)
!approach # (sets approach range)
!follow # (sets follow distance/nav distance)

!spectral uses spectral gems, will use attack skill first>life spectral, if attack skill is active will use life spectral

!unload rares (gives rare crystals to the character that says the command)

!recruit, recruits all listed characters

!follow loads follow state to get route based on chat captured character name sending the follow route
this requires some setup you must have the captured name in getvar[Follow]==CharacterOne correspond with the proper character in the embedded follow nav route. leave getvar[Follow]==You set to None 0pts this will clear route on character you send follow command on.

couple other things to note for Archers, the meta will default to using 50% attack speed then increase it by 10% for every time you get evaded. your attack speed will get reset on !clearvar command and spectral usage.

Commands list

Bloodstone Investigation
!bloodstone, loads routes relevant to bloodstone investigation currently has following routes
inside lum flag dungeon, inside Kastellar's Lab, inside Bloodstone Factory, from wisp lake to npcs

Dericost Ritual Investigation
!dericsot, loads routes relevant to dericost ritual investigation, currently has following routes
Wisp Lake Cottages- Npcs
Al-arqas-Djinaya Wind Cottages
Djinaya Wind Cottages-Mehnir Ring
Warded Cavern Passage-Warded Dungeon Passage
Warded Dungeon Passage-end of dungeon right before jump

Hive Queen Assault
accepted commands- !queen, !hiveQueen, !hivequeen
loads following routes- from timaru to West Fork Dam Hive if no forks are present
if getcharstringprop[1]==CharacterOne loads route to go to Ring #1 if character has a fork in inventory
if getcharstringprop[1]==CharacterTwo loads route to go to Ring #2 if character has a fork in inventory
if getcharstringprop[1]==CharacterThree loads route to go to Ring #3 if character has a fork in inventory
if getcharstringprop[1]==CharacterFour loads route to go to Ring #4 if character has a fork in inventory
if getcharstringprop[1]==CharacterFive loads route to go to Ring #5 if character has a fork in inventory
loads route from West Fork Dam Hive drop to bottom of hive
once at bottom if you enable combat it will auto disable when you get sprayed.

Aerbax's Shadow
!aerbax, loads route for the endless hallway bullshit

Releasing the Light
!releasing, loads routes from sanctuary recall to the npc, flags at the npc then enters dungeon.
send command again inside to load a route to go through the dungeon, will stop once you get to the jump down to where tentacles start.

Empyrean Rescue
!empyrRescue, !rescue, loads route that runs you from FB drop to dungeon for empyrean rescue

Gerraine's 7 Hosts
!hosts, loads routes for gerraines hosts, must reissue command to load next route each time
Following Routes included

Fiery Refuge
Singularity Caul Drop to Fiery Refuge
Fire Refuge Drop to Boss Room

Charged Refuge
Arwic to Artifice Cottages Portal
Artifice Cottages to Charged Refuge
Charged Refuge to Boss Room

Frozen Refuge
Eastwatch to Frozen Refuge
Frozen Refuge to Boss Room (i highly suggest enabling dispel gems for this part)

Acidic Refuge
Black Death Catacombs(outside) to Acidic Refuge
Acidic Refuge to Boss Room

Cavernous Refuge
Al-Jalima to Jackcat Canyon
Jackcat Canyon to Cavernous Refuge

Shadowy Refuge
Tou-Tou to Shadowy Refuge
Shadowy Refuge to Boss Room

Twisted Refuge
Rynthid Recall drop to Twisted Refuge
Twisted Refuge to Boss Room (will not automatically jump across)

Rescue Mouf P(also known as UberP)
!uberp, start locations are either TN annex side drop or fiun outpost will load route to npc and then to dungeon after flagging
TN to Fiun outpost
Fiun Outpost to NPC
NPC to Frigid Grotto

Liberation of Uziz
!libuziz, !liberation, !liberationuziz
loads routes for liberation of uziz, from TN to the dungeon, if you start at TN it will run all the way to dungeon without needing to send command again
Tn to Al-Arqas
Al-Arqas to Settlement
Settlement to Dungeon

Dream Reaver Investigation
!dream, !dreamreaver, !dream reaver
loads routes for Dream Reaver Investigation from TN to dungeon, if you issue command in TN annex side you will run all the way to dungeon without stopping
TN to Khayyaban
Khayyaban to Serpent Hills
Serpent Hills to Masked Preface

Purging the Corruption
!purge, !corruption
loads routes for Purging the Corruption quest, start Point is CK near recall drop, will run from CK all the way to dungeon
CK to Southern Dires
Southern Dires to Curator of Torment's Study

Serpent Burial Grounds
!serpent, !serpentburial
loads routes for Serpent Burail Grounds quest, start at either Stonehold or TN annex side. will flag at npc then run to dungeon
TN to Stonehold
Stonehold to NPC
NPC to Serpent Burial Grounds

Rynthid Tentacle Weapons
!vslayer, loads route from Rynthid Recall drop to safe spot then another route can be loaded by command to run into the vslayer portal. no route provided for inside Catacombs of Torment

Count Phainor
!phainor, there is also a meta available for this quest on the repository
loads routes for Count Phainor quest from TN to NPC to GY to Dungeon
GY-Count Phainor's Tomb

Mhoire Infiltration(also know as Geraine's Study)
!mhoireinfil, !mhoireinfiltration, !gerainestudy
loades routes for Geraine's Study quest, from TN to the dungeon
Stonehold-Wisp Lake Cottages
Wisp Lake Cottages-Geraine's Study

Hoshino Tent
!hoshTent, !hosh
loads routes from TN to hoshino tent, default route is Desolation Beach but also has route for Woodshore Cottages to tent
Stonehold-Desolation Beach
Desolation Beach-Tent

all recall commands require you to know the spell in order to load route also require you to not be on the landcell for the recall

!gk, Gearknight Recall
!rb, Radiant Blood Recall
!ew, Eldrytch Web Recall
!ch, Celestial Hand Recall
!gy, Graveyard Recall
!ck, Candeth Keep Recall
!colo, Colosseum Recall
!secondary, Secondary Recall
!primary, Primary Recall
!pr, Portal Recall- this command requires you to be outside of the landcell for your last portalspace exit
!neftet, Neftet Recall
!sanc, Sanctuary Recall
!aphus, Aphus Recall
!paradox, Paradox Recall
!ulgrim, Ulgrim's Recall
!ab, Ulgrim's Recall
!rynth, Rynthid Recall
!rynthid, Rynthid Recall
!caul, Singularity Caul Recall
!ls, Lifestone Recall spell
!sending, Lifestone Sending Recall
!portal, loads route to use closest portal must be within 20m of a portal
!gateway, loads route to use closest portal with name Gateway, must be within 20m
!npc, loads route to talk to nearest npc, will clear route after recieving chat from a npc

Syntax for all TN routes is easy first 3 letters of the town name for all towns except Eastwatch and Linvak Tukal

Annex Side

!san, Sanamar
!red, Redspire
!blu, Bluespire
!gre, Greenspire
!wes, Westwatch
!tuk, Linvak Tukal
!dan, Danby's Outpost
!eaw, Eastwatch
!ool, Oolutanga's Refuge(also can just use !aphus)
!tim, Timaru Plateau
!fiu, Fiun Outpost
!sil, Silyun
!ney, Neydisa Castle
!ahu, Ahurenga

Sho Side

!sho, Shoushi
!may, Mayoi
!lin, Lin
!heb, Hebian-To
!kar, Kara
!kry, Kryst
!fre, Freehold
!saw, Sawato
!yan, Yanshi
!bai, Baishi
!nan, Nanto
!tou, Tou-Tou

Gharu Side

!yar, Yaraq
!ala, Al-arqas
!kha, Khayyaban
!uzi, Uziz
!tuf, Tufa
!alj, Al-Jalima
!zai, Zaikhal
!xar, Xarabydun
!qal, Qalaba'r
!sam, Samsur

Aluvian Side

!hol, Holtburg
!cra, Cragstone
!lyt, Lytelthorpe
!gle, Glenden Wood
!pla, Plateau
!for, Fort Tethana
!tet, Fort Tethana
!sto, Stonehold
!dry, Dryreach
!eas, Eastham
!rit, Rithwic
!arw, Arwic
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Re: Beta: DmControlV1.02

Post#4 » December 12th, 2016, 12:33 pm

1.02 released see first post for changelog.
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