BETA: Bloodstone Getter (not the entire quest)

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BETA: Bloodstone Getter (not the entire quest)

Post#1 » November 10th, 2016, 10:38 pm

This meta is used to run to the final portion of the Bloodstone Investigation quest and loot a bloodstone. Why? Because you can loot Bloodstones every day without doing the first portion of the quest, as long as you don't turn it in (Thanks for the tip, Dmdtt). So use this as a daily and get as many bloodstones as you can hold, then turn them all in. Each Bloodstone is worth 55k luminance. This meta will take approx. 10 minutes to run.

Designed to be run with group strong enough to kill Frozen Valley Mobs and Bloodstones. Go with no more than 9 characters. The respawn time on the Master Bloodstone is pretty long.

Uses whatever profile is loaded when you start the meta.

NO START COMMAND. When the meta is loaded, it starts. If you are standing at Wisp Lake drop, it will start from there. If not, it will attempt to open a Town Network Gem and run.

Looting the bloodstone and key is done with magtools commands. No editing of your loot profile needed.

Edit the Finish state to return to your own personal commands meta

(22.37 KiB) Downloaded 108 times

So.... I recently found out you can die at the master bloodstone. One of those damn spells hurts like a mofo. As of right now the meta does not run back or restart when you die.
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