Are these useful

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Are these useful

Post#1 » February 5th, 2017, 2:48 pm

Are these commands part of the AC Admin tool or specific to a particular emulator -- seeing some screen shots of another and playing around with the Fat one I noticed the same commands being used ...

Anyway .. ask out of curiosity mainly

Command List:

@animation <index> [speed=1] - Plays a primary animation.
@arwic - Teleports you to Arwic.
@clearspawns - Clears the spawns in your current landblock
@doomshard [palette=0xBF7] - Spawns a doom shard.
@dungeon <command> - Dungeon commands.
@effect <index> [scale=1] - Emits a particle effect.
@global <text> [color=1] - Displays text globally.
@kick <player name> - Kicks the specified player.
@motion <index> [speed=1] - Plays a sequenced animation.
@myloc - Info on your current location.
@player <command> - Player commands.
@sound <index> [speed?=1] - Emits a sound effect.
@spawnbael - Spawns Bael'Zharon.
@spawnbox - Spawns a box.
@spawnboxes - Spawns 50 boxes. For load testing.
@spawndoor - Spawns a door at your location.
@spawndoors - Spawns doors at holtburg west.
@spawnitem <model index> [scale=1] [name=*] - Spawns an item.
@spawnmodel <model index> [scale=1] [name=*] - Spawns a model.
@spawnmodels <start index> <end index> - Spawns a range of models.
@spawnmonster <model index> [scale=1] [name=*] - Spawns a monster.
@spawnportal - Spawns a portal near you.
@spawnwand - Spawns a wand.
@spelltest - Performs a spell test.
@targetdrudge - Spawns a Target Drudge.
@tele <player name> - Teleports you to a player.
@teleloc <landcell> [x=0] [y=0] [z=0] - Teleports to a specific location.
@teleto <coords> - Teleports you to coordinates.
@test <index> - Performs the specified test.
@vismode <mode> - Changes your visual/physical attributes.

Use !help <command> to receive command
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Re: Are these useful

Post#2 » February 5th, 2017, 8:33 pm

Those are specific to PhatAC, depending on the build available on github there will be more or less than that. They change a lot as they are used for testing.
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Re: Are these useful

Post#3 » February 6th, 2017, 3:11 am

85 % of them don't work ... so was wondering if they were generic ... noticed that some of the other EMU's floating around have the same commands ...

anyhoo ... again curious .... for now I'm happy checking out things with Phat --- I'm getting my fix so to speak :-)
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