That "Flawless Install AC" document from Legacy DT's web site.

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That "Flawless Install AC" document from Legacy DT's web site.

Post#1 » November 23rd, 2016, 5:41 pm

I've referred folks to this on the original Legacy DT web site for a good while, but since they seem to no longer pay their web site bill, I have printed this off to a PDF. Kudos to the support guys and folks there for making this reference available on their site for a long time, and perhaps if we can preserve it here, it will answer a LOT of setup questions for folks setting up new PCs.
See attached for some excellent AC, decal and so on setup instructions, esp. noting that the download links here may not be what you expected. Follow it in a detailed fashion and in order, and use the links they suggest, and you'll have a terrific running set of AC/tools, an working setup to the recommended c:\games folder and many other details in nice, working order.
Flawless Install AC on Windows 7,8,8_1,10 64bit.pdf
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Re: That "Flawless Install AC" document from Legacy DT's web site.

Post#2 » November 23rd, 2016, 5:56 pm

Flawless, except for the File Folder structure

Ignore step 16 - NEVER install decal or any plugins in to your AC folders. If you ever decide to multiclient and copy/paste your folders you will have a instance of decal and every plugin for every copy you make. Hell to fix.

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