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Darktide General Chat

Post#1 » January 12th, 2016, 5:19 pm

"We currently have no plans to re-enable Global Chat for Darktide. " - Cordovan

Since Turbine will no longer be providing global chat for Darktide, here are instructions to join a global Darktide channel on Virindi Integrator

Integrator2 Channels have no limit on the amount of players joined.
There is no fellowship panel or location details.

Darktide General will NOT be monitored. Use it as you see fit.

Open Integrator2 Channels (white hat icon Image )

Type Darktide in to the text box next to Add, Click Add


You will see [VI] Joined channel Darktide. in your chat bar

Select Darktide from the list
Type a series of characters for your /command next to Set Shortcut (do not add the /) and click Set Shortcut


[VI] Shortcut for channel Darktide set to /dt.

To open a Window just for Darktide General select Darktide from the list and click Chat
Redlink exits, X minimizes to a cookie icon.
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