auto salvage to value without losing $ when hitting 75k pyreal salvage cap

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auto salvage to value without losing $ when hitting 75k pyreal salvage cap

Post#1 » October 29th, 2019, 9:20 pm

I found a way to salvage items of value without wasting $ because of 75k value limit:

as this is not a complete meta (just an easy add-on), I am just putting the info needed for people to incorporate it into their own metas

requires VT (with VCL editor) and Utility Belt plugins

needs 2 characters in close proximity, 1 active (looter), and one to hold 75k bags of salvage (holder)
(in mine, the active is killing and looting, while the holder is just healing)
I recommend both characters have almost empty main packs, if possible. this is especially important for the looter, as he can have up to (I think) 60+ different salvages in his pack (or however many different types there are altogether)

you would use virindi classic loot editor and utility belt
in your VCL loot profile:
loot rule "value", action "salvage"
-----long value key>=:value: <set minimum value to loot>
in Documents\Decal Plugins\UtilityBelt\itemgiver, have a VCL profile (I named mine "givevalue"):
loot rule "salvage", action "keep",
----- Objectclass:salvage
-----long value key==:value:75000
now, within your meta:
<your listening meta state>
--chat Message: You obtain.*
-----set meta state: give

--seconds in state>=:2
-----Chat Command: /ub ig givevalue.utl to <holding character name>

--seconds in state>=:4
-----set meta state:<your listening meta state>
every time you salvage an item, it will check looter's inventory for a bag that is worth 75k and, if any are found, give them to the holder character, thus separating them from the looter's inventory, which keeps bags from going over 75k, then I just sell them when I feel like going to sell them.

if you use utilitybelt autovendor, when you open vendor, it will automatically sell what you can sell, then buy MMD's, then sell what you can sell, etc. until all is sold . . . if you have autovendor set up right . . . but that's another tip, heh

**edit** also, if you have your 'holder' character with 2-3 empty packs and use MT autopack, you can set up an autopack loot profile to put all that salvage into those packs.
another thing: if you want you can set the looter to loot anything else and hold it, or pass it to holder, by putting it into the apropriate profiles (pick up-loot profile, give-UB itemgiver profile
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