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Top Bar links updated

Post#1 » October 6th, 2019, 1:41 pm

I removed the dead links to the decal dev forums, and the official AC forums from the top bar of the site. (thanks hw) They have been replaced with one of my projects, the AC Data Archive, and a permanent invite link to the Meta Masters discord!

AC Data Archive!L1MniCKJ!1dQCCFPc2ddcFILa_JGeZw

The AC Data Archive is an amalgamation of data from all over the internet, in an effort to preserve it. I've kept this archive private until now, but I want the entire AC community to have access. I try to keep current projects updated every couple months, and any time i find something that is not there I add it. If you want to sync up a local copy, I would suggest using mega's MegaSync utility to do so, and to run it every so often as updates do happen.

There is currently 3579 files in 1378 folders and it is 38.02GB, I am unsure of the uncompressed size/file count (probably 100+GB/1Million files).

It is always preferred to use the original author's website to obtain files.

If you have something that I have not come across, or missed entirely...please use the megadrop folder here:

MetaMasters Discord

Are you new to writing metas? Are you a meta god and looking for like minded people to chat with about your meta? All are welcome! Join up!
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