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Want a new start?

Post#1 » April 25th, 2016, 8:42 am

My main server has always been leafcull. I have 11 Accounts, thats 11 accounts full of junk to sort through. Alot of the good teir 8 hunting areas are camped / macroed 24/7. So much so you cant kill the mobs to finish quests.

So, I started on Verdantine. I had started some characters there back in 2013. I has sworn to a member of Honor Knights. So I stayed in this guild. Glad I did, there very helpful and friendly bunch of mostly older adults. The have a TS3 server and you can listen without the F bomb or homo jokes being said or told.

I am EST and play from 1700 to 2100 most weekdays.Durning this time there are approximately 60 to 80 toons loged in. HOWEVER there are several folks that run "Armys" doing colo win runs and tier 8 kill tasks ect.

So I wanted to try my hand at this Army thing. Got IBControl, got Chaos Helper. A guildie was nice and spent an hour or so helping me load these correctly. Now I have 7 level 70s, a level 130ish mage and a level 160ish 2 hand with lockpick.

Bottom line, great place to start fresh and do your own thing.
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Re: Want a new start?

Post#2 » April 25th, 2016, 10:01 am

If I log in my 36 we'll be higher than a couple servers lol =p

The wheat gets separated from the chaff pretty quick on VT. Great place to be for those that like the quiet.

Just remember, the more you bring in, the less quiet it is ;)
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